Super Clean Gas filters


Super Clean Gas Filter cartridge systems make changing gas filters quick and easy. A base plate allows cartridges to be exchanged without introducing oxygen. Spring-loaded check valves seal when a filter is removed and open only when a new filter has been locked in place. There is no longer a need for loosening and tightening fittings everytime a trap is changed and your system will not become contaminated during the proces.

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  • Fully made of glass and metal: no diffusion and no micro leaks.
  • Quick Fit Base plate: No tools required to exchange, replacement of Filter Cartridge within seconds, without introducing contaminants into the system.
  • Easy to read indicators warns when a filter becomes saturated : allowing you enough time to order a replacement.
  • Helium and Hydrogen specific Cartridges Available: ready to use and operational within 15 minutes after installation.
  • Polymer shielding of glass filter: safety.
  • All materials used are recycable or renewable.
  • Every filter is managed by a unique serial number.