Reasons to upgrade

Super Clean

Patented Super Clean gas filter design using glass prevents diffusion and it ensures a leak-tight and contaminant free system.

Plastic Housing

Glass Housing

Clean Super Clean

Glass body traps are used when potential contaminants from plastic trap bodies are a concern. Glass/Metal trap bodies are recommended for GC analyses. Some plastics are permeable to air and contain contaminants that can degrade gas quality.

(Source): Agilent Website (October 2011) Click here for a mirror

Ultimate Protection

Plastic outside for safety and glass inside to prevent diffusion.


Long indicator tube allows you enough time to react in case of a leak, and when a filter starts saturating it will allow you enough time to re-order a replacement. After the indicator is expired there is still a small remaining capacity of adsorbent to make sure no contamination will enter the system.


Instant Usage

Signifantely decrease stabilization time when installing a filter by choosing from our range of pre-flushed filters. Gas specific pre-flushed filters available are Helium and Hydrogen.

1) Ready..

2) Set..

3) Go!

Flush Foot   Install   GC/MS


Save space, money and environment by choosing single filters which combine different materials such as our triple filter for GC/MS (Carrier Gas) and our combination filters for FID (Fuel gas), or a combination of both.

Fuel Gas filter


Triple Filter


Completely Indicating

Super Clean Gas filters are available with indicators for Oxygen, Moisture and Hydrocarbons

Moisture filter


Oxygen Filter


Hydrocarbon Filter


Managed by Serial Number

Each Super Clean Gas Filter is managed by a unique Serial Number. Currently we are developing value added services based on this unique Serial Number, such as the Replace & Recycle Program as well as the Virtual Indicator and a Consumable Management System.


Recycable & Renewable

Super Clean Gas filters are made of 100% recycable materials. Adsorbent Materials can easily be regenerated. We are currently developing a Recycle and Replace program which allows easy, hazzle free recycling of your consumables, even the ones currently installed.


Virtual Indicator Ready

All Super Clean Gas Filters managed by a Serial Number are Virtual Indicator Ready. The Virtual Indicator allows you to manage your consumables in a new and innovative way. The Virtual Indicator will be introduced soon, so check our website regularly for updates on this project.


More choice for Tubing & Fittings

Indicating We have all Kits available prefitted with Brass or Stainless Steel connectors with different Sizes. No need to replace connectors, just order the right kit for your tubing type. This will reduce the chance for leaking as all our base plates are 100% tested for leakage during production.


Tapered versus Parallel Connectors

SGT Base plates are using Parallel thread connectors enabling easy future disassembly and replacement of connectors. No need to buy a new base plate when you are moving your base plate to a different tubing type.

Tapered Thread Parallel Thread

A taper thread seals on the threads themselves by wedging into the female port and sealing by thread contact. After time corrosion on the threads occur, which can make future disassembly nearly impossible or very troublesome.

Parallel/straight thread fittings or compression fittings, in which the threads hold the pieces together and a seperate 'O'-ring provides the seal. This allows easy future disassembly and makes leaktight replacement of connectors possible to another size or material.

Upgrade Options

Upgrading is easy. Use the following link to convert Agilent Gas Clean/Super Clean part numbers into part numbers from our Channel Partners